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Here are download links related to the Call of Duty 1 game client.

Call of Duty 1.1 and 1.5 game client

Version Link Size
1.1 Call of Duty - R.zip
1.124678 GiB
1.5 Call of Duty - R 1.5.zip
1.151786 GiB

Call of Duty 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 patch upgrades

Check out the Installing Call of Duty 1 game client or patches guide.

Call of Duty: United Offensive (expansion pack)

Follow the Installing Call of Duty: United Offensive guide.

Call of Duty 1.1x (CoDExtended patch)

Check out https://cod1x.eu/ for downloads, information, guides and how to install.

It can be difficult to find Call of Duty 1 resources these days; here are some useful links to different resources.



Website Maintainer
vCoDMods TheGreatGatsby


Repository Maintainer
CoD1 ServerAssets Patrik Kos
CoD1 Stuff Raphael

The API URL is https://api.cod.pm.
The site API is ratelimited to 1 request per second.


Method Endpoint Description
GET /getstatus/{ip}/{port} Returns getstatus from a Call of Duty (Quake Engine) server.
GET /getinfo/{ip}/{port} Returns getinfo from a Call of Duty (Quake Engine) server.
GET /getservers/{master}/{version} Returns a list of Call of Duty servers from activision.com.
GET /masterlist/{master}/{version} Returns the masterlist generated by this site.
GET /snapshot/{ip}/{port} Returns the snapshot (last known state) of a server generated by this site.
POST /rcon/{ip}/{port} Returns parsed rcon status or CVAR.
POST variables:
  • rpw (rcon password) and rquery (query string) is required.
  • rval (change CVAR value) is optional.

{master} must be a value of cod, coduo, cod2 or cod4
{version} value must be: 1.X where X correspond to the Call of Duty shortversion.

All the returned TIMESTAMP json values are in timezone Europe/Berlin. The epoch timestamps are not timezone adjusted.



There are no inbound ports required for the game client.


The following ports are used by the Call of Duty game server. Use the Authorize/Master reference below for the other game versions.

Port Protocol Direction
28960* UDP IN
20500 UDP OUT
20510 UDP OUT

* This is the default listen port. You can specify any port number as the listen port.

You will have to adjust your firewall/NAT rules accordingly depending on which game version and choice of listen port.


This is a reference for the authorize and master ports for all Call of Duty game server versions up to Call of Duty 4.

  • Call of Duty
    • 20500

    • 20510

  • Call of Duty: United Offensive
    • 20600

    • 20610

  • Call of Duty 2
    • 20700

    • 20710

  • Call of Duty 4
    • 20800

    • 20810


Connection issues

If you're having trouble connecting to multiple game servers, you may have a misconfigured/faulty router or be behind CG-NAT.
Replacing the router or contacting your ISP regarding CG-NAT could fix these issues.

Your ISP could suffer temporary routing issues or other connection related issues.
In this case you need to contact your ISP and they have to fix the issues with their network.

The server you are connecting to may be blocking connections from certain networks (VPN, datacenters, etc) to prevent cheating.
Connecting via a different network, via your residential connection or disconnecting/change VPN exit could fix this issue.

If you are running the game server and game client on the same computer, then port 28960 will conflict.
To solve this issue run the game server on a different port (e.g 28961).


There are many different routers and methods to forward ports/NAT that no single guide will cover.

There is a site; https://portforward.com/ containing many guides for different routers and general instructions.
If you can't find a guide for your router, pick a guide for a model close to your router or follow a general default guide to get an idea.

Generally you want to open the listen port direction IN on protocol UDP with destination to your computer/server IP address and listen port.

If you are behind CG-NAT you will not be able to forward/open the game ports.

The backend parser "search" for certain sets keywords from the server config.
To have various details listed then include a properly formatted sets CVAR containing the right keyword in your server config file.

sets "<keyword>" "<value>"

You can specify your sets CVARs with "styling" so it matches your existing sets CVARs.


This sets CVAR must contain one of the keywords owner or admin.
sets "Owner" "Jim"


This sets CVAR must contain one of the keywords web, site or page.
sets "Website" "https://cod.pm"


This sets CVAR must contain the keyword teamspeak.
sets "TeamSpeak" "ts.dvotx.org"


This sets CVAR must contain the keyword discord.
sets "Discord" "https://discord.gg/<identifier>"

This site runs a backend script that parses all servers from the Activision masterlist approximately within 1 minute.
If your server is not listed in the Activision masterlist (or on a supported masterlist), it will also not be listed on this site.

The backend parser runs from a dedicated server in a datacenter network and connect from a random source port.
Ensure that you are not blocking or ratelimiting the backend parser by allowing the address in your firewall/configuration.

This backend also support and parse servers from master.cod.pm and codmaster.comu-mvzg.com masterservers for Call of Duty version 1.1 and 1.5.
Follow this guide on how to add these and other masterservers to your gameserver config.

Servers filled with undetectable bots may be removed from the site.

All Call of Duty servers are "cracked" these days so a CD-Key is not required. By downloading the game from a CD-Key is not required.

However if you are running some sort of installer or for some reason require a CD-Key, you can generate a codkey file here to put in your game main folder.
The content of the codkey file can be entered as a CD-Key for the game.

You still also have the option to buy the game from Steam, where you will get game version 1.5.
The CD-Key is valid for all game versions and can be used with the downloads from this site.

By default all the columns are filtered by the text input. The search filter also support keywords to filter a specific column.

Keyword Description
l:<text> Filter by location (2-letter ISO code or country name).
h:<text> Filter the sv_hostname column.
c:<text> Filter the connect column for the IP address part.
g:<text> Filter the g_gametype column.
m:<text> Filter the mapname column.
p:<integer> Filter the players column for online players >= <integer>.
e:<text> Filter the extension column.
n:<text> Filter by player name.

New map image contributions are welcome!

Map images can be submitted on GitHub.

If you don't have GitHub you can also contribute by contacting directly.

This website is created and managed by Cato, and can be contacted on TeamSpeak, Matrix or Discord (cato.a).
Do not hesitate to contact if you have feedback, suggestions, issues with the site, other inquires, or when information on this site is outdated, wrong or missing.

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